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Bojuka Founder Tom Schrenk - Defensive Tactics Instructor TOM SCHRENK


Tom Schrenk is the founder of the Bojuka™ Self Defense System and chief instructor of the Bojuka™ Institute of Self Defense.

Tom has over 25 years of real-life experience in the field of armed and unarmed self defense. Prior to and during the development of the Bojuka fighting system, Tom has researched, studied, trained, tested and experimented with many close quarter combat systems. He has also had the unique and often disturbing opportunity to analyze every aspect of a violent assault. This was due to his active participation in over a hundred altercations involving the apprehension of violent felons as part of a fugitive recovery program.

Over the past 15 years Tom has instructed many civilians, military personnel, federal, state and local law enforcement officers, in many diversified phases of armed and unarmed combat. He has aslo had the pleasure of working with and consulting for many elements of the U.S. federal government.

Tom has a black belt in two martial arts systems and a background in boxing. He has spent more than 15 years perfecting the Bojuka Self Defense System. He has pushed himself to internalize every aspect of a street assault to transform what he has learned and experienced into a teachable science. This has also been followed up with endless additional hours of research and testing to perfect this learning experience.

Tom is prepared to demonstrate his system to those interested. He is fully committed to his own self-mastery, as well as the future development of this art.

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