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Bojuka™ Self Defense System

Bojuka is a realistic, street proven, modern self defense system. It is designed to provide ordinary men and women with solutions to avoid and/or end a violent encounter. Behaviorally realistic techniques are based on natural body movements and gross motor skills. It is a proven method of threat elimination through awareness, avoidance, or by physically defending oneself. This will allow you to perceive danger quicker and react properly. In many cases you will be able to escape dangerous situations without ever having to employ your physical skills. If forced to defend yourself, the focus is on the targeting of vital points of the body, by utilizing core techniques that will function in a variety of situations.

Although Bojuka is a fairly new eclectic system, it is not a random collection of techniques. This system is realistic, and has to be experienced to be truely appreciated.

Developed Through Real Life Violent Encounters

The foundation of the entire system is based on over 25 years of serious martial arts and self defense training. It is also based on in depth research, tactical analysis, and physical confrontational trial and error. All of the system's strategies, tactics and techniques are based on common denominators witnessed by the system's founder, Tom Schrenk. They are derived from real life street assaults by convicted felons. The end result of this evolutionary process is a system of self defense that covers every type of assault one may encounter in modern society.

All the Bojuka courses and programs utilize proven training methods through special reality based drills that will assure that any man or women will be able to reliably protect him or herself when faced with an unavoidable dangerous situation. The students response to a violent assault will be immediate, direct and devastating.

Unarmed Combat

The empty hand (or unarmed) self defense training is based on an aggressive or offensive defense. Since your assailant initiates the assault (whether in a physical or non-physical manner) you must be able to execute a pre-empted strike, or initiate your defense first. There is a fine line between being defensive or offensive in a self defense situation; both from a tactical and a legal standpoint.

Armed Self Defense Training

The advanced armed self defense training consists of impact and edged combatives, with the knife as the emphasized weapon (tactical folding knife in particular). Through a series of structured, specialized drills, the student will develop knife and counter knife defensive skills to the point where the defender has the ability to respond to the situation using less than lethal force, or lethal force if necessary.

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