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Bojuka Edged Weapons Program #1 - DVD

Bojuka Self Defense DVD - Edged Weapons Program #1For the first time ever, Bojuka founder Tom Schrenk shares his proven edged weapons self defense program on DVD.

The skills and knowledge presented on this DVD are already in use by many law enforcement and military personnel. Now this information is available to you.

This comprehensive video is designed to provide an overview of the entire Bojuka Edged Weapons Program. On this DVD you will find:

  • Blade resistance training
  • Target selection
  • Reflex moves
  • Reaction moves
  • Bleed outs
  • Open and closed knife combinations
Harness the devastating power of the tactical folder or fixed blade knife using Bojuka's field tested edged weapons techniques.


More Bojuka instructional DVDs will be available soon!
  • Bojuka - The Fundamentals of Self Defense (The Foundation)
  • Bojuka Skill Level One - Unarmed Defensive Tactics (Hand to Hand Combat)
  • Bojuka Skill Level Two - Weapons Disarming and Offensive Self Defense Tactics
  • Bojuka Skill Level Three - Armed Self Defense
  • Bojuka Edged Weapons Program - Tactical Use of a Knife
  • Bojuka Impact Weapons Program - Tactical Use of the ASP Expandable Baton
  • and much MORE...
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