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Self Defense, Weapons Defense, Close Quarter Combat
reality fighting, unarmed self defense against an edged weapon, knife combatives, close quarter combat

Welcome to official Bojuka™ website.

Here you will find information about one of the most important self defense systems ever established. Bojuka is fast, effective, and devastating. The techniques are simple to learn and easy to remember making them your first and final actions if forced to defend yourself.

The Only Thing More Real
The Real Thing

Tom Schrenk - Creator of the Bojuka Self Defense System - Defensive Tactics InstructorMeet the founder of the Bojuka Self Defense System, Tom Schrenk. View his training credentials and work experience to find out why he is one of the most knowledgeable reality based self defense and defensive tactics instructors of our time.
Creation of the Bojuka Self Defense System - Reality CheckDiscover how the Bojuka Self Defense System was forged out of necessity to survive years of vicious altercations with violent career criminals.
Bojuka Skill Levels and Instructor CertificationFind more information about Bojuka Skill Level and Instructor Certification. Bojuka is a completely integrated self defense system. It teaches defensive and offensive tactics both unarmed and armed. Bojuka can be learned on its own or integrated into your current self defense or martial arts system.
Self Defense Seminars, Courses, and Workshops - Men, Women, Law EnforcementInterested in learning self defense or enhancing your defensive tactics training? Check out our list of available courses and workshops to find a program that meets your needs. Customized programs are also available for Law Enforcement, Security, Military and individuals in high-risk professions.
Certified Self Defense Instructors, Defensive Tactics InstructorsContact one of our Certified Instructors and begin your training now!!
Our Certified Bojuka Instructors are available for regular training and can be scheduled for seminars anywhere in the world.
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- Westcoast Bojuka Federation
- Bojuka Self Defense Canada
- Atlantic Bojuka
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